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I'm David welcome to my website.  I've spent the last 20 years combined involved in the field of energetic medicine. I realised, quite early that health isn't something that can be studied, taught or practiced but is in fact the body's own instinct to wholeness, that was my interest. Very early on in life we are totally natural, we move and express naturally. However, very quickly in the dynamic of standing-up, energy rushes up to the head and there becomes an over focus on the mind and senses. This quickly creates a unique problem for the human animal in that we loose our naturalness, becoming a decidedly different and alien creature relative to everything else around us. 

Most of the time we have to find ways of re-entering the natural, so everything I have become interested in are ways of remembering or re-sensing something that we lost in early childhood, this too is the quality of not feeling separate from the world around us. 

Health from the old English; hǣlth, means "whole", so there is a feeling of brokenness/ separateness in all dis-ease processes that define a person's identity. When that feeling of separateness shifts, even for a moment, people spontaneously recover or spontaneously allow the body to do what it does without resistance. From this, my interest became about relaxation and how the deepest forms of that relaxation can take place and how people can return to their senses, guided by their own innate reflex to be free of the feeling of separation. This is a process of re-discovery or remembering, the courses I provide, my love of Qi Gong and Tai Chi and information I have gleaned helps to trigger the senses to return. All aspects of what I do come from this same source, just seen from numerous different angles.

This website offers several things; 

-  Firstly this website provides a place I can offer online and person-to-person consultation in innate-health recovery where through one or a number of sessions I can aid you to find your way to your own instinctive patterns of diet, movement, relating, career/ work and everything in between. This has been the focus of my own journey into finding resolution of my own issues as well as hundreds of others, so the recommendations I have now are honed.

-  Secondly, it is a portal that I may run a number of online courses from. The courses have been created over many years of study and practice. They are all energetic "maps" to help you navigate through a number of different subjects, all associated with a return to the instinctive and away from the tension based religious and scientific world we live in. The nature of what I offer is sense based energetics, it may seem that there is allot of information offered in the courses but this information is all about finding a way back to sensing, if we can do that already there is no need for further investigation. These courses are for those of us who find it hard to navigate the world as it is at the moment where instinctive-energetics is mostly not given the time of day.

-  Thirdly this website is a place I can connect the other parts of my interests together. I teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong and am also the founding member of a community project. 

-  Lastly this website offers my books, links and other information of people that the work I do or interests I have are connected to. I am extremely rigorous in the links I have  so I hope you find further study and interest and this site becomes a hub for anything that resonates with a return to instinct.


David Nassim

I was born in September 1978 to a Jewish family. My father had Multiple Sclerosis from before my birth and this was a huge factor of difficulty in my life, but also something that has allowed me to see many things I never would before in the process of attempting to understand dis-ease and my own depression. I found that I had practical skills with craft work and interests in music, but my drive delivered by my family's situation was very much towards medicine. I went towards Chinese medicine after finding the philosophy of Yinyang something that helped me out of a depressive breakdown time during my late teens. After this I focused heavily in healing, getting confused as to whether it was I that needed healing or focusing on others. I had always been a carer since I was a toddler to my father so the carer-healer job seemed to fit. I started practicing Tai Chi at nineteen, then food energetics and shiatsu and started to learn Xuan Kong Feng Shui and I Ching at this time. I also connected to the message of radical non-duality via UG Krishnamutri from age sixteen, which profoundly touched me and still does via Tony Parsons. It is a message totally different from all self-enquiry, Advaita Vedanta and other teaching which seem similar but aren't. Something beyond "me" knows this is the message of the Tao or nature.

My skills at what I'd learned improved and I started a practice and started treating people. I then decided to study further acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. After realising that many of the pictures of medicine I had learned were confused by misinterpretations and separations through the history of Chinese medicine, I went to Tokyo to study for three years in apprenticeship to small lineage of the key line of Chinese medicine transmitted through the Zen monasteries to the modern practitioners of "Meridian Therapy". The lineage I found there was as close as there is to the ancient medicine of the Han dynasty, the root of Chinese medicine where there is a uniform and connected origin that is complete and based in instinctive understanding.

While this picture of medicine was clarified for me at last, the practice of Chinese medicine is a process of gradual improvement over time and quality and quantity of practice. I understood the direction to follow if I wanted to have success in treating patients. On returning to the UK I started my own practice again and documented a combination of what I'd learned and what I have researched myself personally into several books over a seven year period. 

I continued to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong having had contact with advanced practitioners who came to Japan to teach. This practice was deeper than what I had been doing previously. 

After some time and years of practice of Chinese medicine I hit the biggest wall I have faced in my life of extreme grief from the death of my father and then my partner. The effect of both these events began the process of the last six years of my life which was about me finally realising that I had never been told to or given a way to really look at the pain I was carrying emotionally. 

I went towards various forms of herbal treatment that I hoped would alleviate my depression (which I feel comes from a pattern called cPTSD), many of these were psychotropic plant medicines. I felt like I needed something that would simply help me to overcome years of grief that had mounded up due to my life circumstances. I experienced many states on these medicines, but really only once that was so profound it broke my identity of myself as a carer, something that was with me from before my earliest memory. It was devastating, and I was in an extremely vulnerable state which I did not realise until a long time afterwards (...in my 5th year of this process now). Also because of the fact that most of the people associated with the medicines I was in connection with had very little or no experience with traditional herbalists and understanding of the plants they were using, there was very little understanding of my state and more just hope for the best. 

In the modern (colonial) culture it is common place for people to invent or create their own "style"/ way of working. In the rest of the world, in order to do that years of experience has to be undertaken which can only come from an original indigenous source (which has to be sought and differentiated from dogmatism) and usually in apprenticeship, otherwise there is a modern corruption of ideas and interpretations that splinters understanding of natural energetics. At this time I didn't understand that the people I was around simply didn't get this. I totally trusted them as they seemed experienced and wanted me in their arena. Drawn into this world of plant medicines and in a very open state I was encouraged by various people to use my abilities again and so I moved quickly back into a role of helper and healer, so bypassing the pain I had; a pattern I had done all my life.  Without the training of indigenous methods a whole host of problems descended leaving me and others totally unprotected.

I started to find and ask questions to people with actual experience and realised that the people I trusted  themselves did not understand the key basics of working with the medicines they used and so put me and others at risk, psychologically and otherwise. At that time I even believed that somehow forming a community around these plants, which did alleviate the depression for short periods would be a good move. However these ideas gradually crumbled as I felt a deeper and deeper discomfort at the emotional pain I had been unable to let go of because of the re-kindling of the carer role. I realised that while the medicines in authentic context could be powerful openers, the confusing roller-coaster ride of the modern plant medicine world was another way of addiction, avoidance and/ or bypassing which I realised was something I and many others around me were doing, but could not see. Also the total lack of understanding of integration from such work was astonishing, including the complex requirements and time length for each person involved, especially for people with a lifetime of repetitive trauma. Once I saw these things, I couldn't continue. Looking back on this there is no blame here, but simply the fact that ignorance and arrogance of the modern ideology is something that means listening to the sincere advice of original cultures or even the instincts of sensitive people, doesn't happen. People in this group professed to be world-changers and healers but in fact the new age "conscious" stance is really a red-herring. Spiritual-capitalism is exactly the same as actual capitalism but it seems to be doing something different and fighting the "good fight", unfortunately this is simply reinforcement of dualism, its exactly the same doctrine as all religious beliefs and so in the end continues the status quo. 

I was however able to understand the nature of many plant medicines that are quite rare and important for healing but only in the hands of people that really are able to know what they are doing namely the energetic understanding and herbalism of the area of the world that the plant comes from. I have spent some time helping to secure indigenous rights to the plant medicine Iboga for this reason and some of my time is spent as a co-director to a community interest company called "Blessings of the Forest".

In the last four years finally I have been able to meet the key people and the key plants that have helped me to heal and to re-direct my life. 

I now am happy to say that no I longer consider myself a practitioner of  medicine in that I do no physical treatments in acupuncture, massage etc. I focus now on helping people see and feel themselves and offering them a mirror to be able to recognise difficulties they have and give solutions for their resolution using direction in food, movement, and advice on a broad range of subjects covered by the practices of Feng Shui and I Ching. In this way I can indirectly offer people my understanding and they can find their own strength and realise that health is an instinct rather than it be from the seeming power or ability of a practitioner, "space-holder" or any other such hidden hierarchy, this feels more natural to me and finally I feel like I am more settled and healthy in myself and able to see clearly what I've been through. 

My experiences in life often centred round a feeling of victimisation that I'd had from bullying in school and elsewhere. This I realise has been the greatest gift to me from all the people in my story who have attempted to control, manipulate or otherwise influence me to be what they needed rather than allow me to be myself....this process has been a study of the co-dependence of victim and bully no matter what situation it's in. The gradual process of changing this frame work is one that has lead me to trying to find things that helped me to end egoic power; hierarchical divisions of "master"-student, practitioner-patient, etc. Breaking down patriarchal and matriarchal ideology towards matri-focal unity, and fundamentally to find methods of self-healing and non-treatment based methods of change which are about the power of nature returning to the body, breaking the belief structures in the way that come about by the nature of being made to feel small, broken or influenceable. In the end the most sensitive of people (who are simply highly empathetic) are often the ones that loose themselves in other peoples worlds . The process for them and for me was/is to find the anchor within. In the end gravity is my greatest healer. People that can't hear and feel and yet profess to know are often the people that try to control or manipulate to make sure their world view stays the same, in the end this illusion has to crumble and when sensitive people finally stand in the natural energy that runs through them, they can finally be less afraid and more able to live without tension.

My depression has alleviated with the help of three main things: my continued connection and hearing the rare message of nature via Tony Parsons, my practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong - totally re-structured over the last few years by my dear teacher, and through the use of micro dosing of Psilocybin mushrooms. 

I now teach Tai Qi and Qi Gong as my main work alongside consultations and teaching.



With thanks to Jude Claybourne for editing and re-structuring this website, and Gemma Rapkins for her inspiration to get me to teach online and her collection of testimonials and editing of this website.