Welcome To Health Instinct!

HealthInstinct.org is about providing the key information to:

Trigger a shift in perceptions about the true meaning of “health”, “medicine” and “healing”.This is a process of description of nature.

Re-discover the sense of Oneness behind all religious and cultural expressions of health, often masked by a form of dualism: a splitting into parts.

Facilitate the conversation about constantly overlooked yet fundamental questions about health and medicine which cannot be brushed aside as they are the very roots, such as:-

  • What is the difference between pain and suffering?
  • what is dis-ease?
  • What is medicine?
  • What does medicine actually do?
  • What is the aim of medicine?
  • Why do people need medicine? Why do they think they need medicine?
  • What is health?

Clarify key areas where we can draw together a deeply real and instinctual understanding of health from seven main areas which are in fact one continuum:-

  • the ancient and modern expressions of Non-duality,
  • recorded ancient energy “maps” of health and healing (as exemplified by ancient East-Asian medicine, used as the main example in this website),
  • the ways of the indigenous people of the world,
  • the nature of the infant child,
  • the return to the natural matri-focal, rather than matri/ patri-archal society
  • the expression of the primate and wild-nature
  • and fundamentally our directly present senses.

Dispel the myth that health is something that “happens to you” or is “obtained by you” but rather opens to the realization that innate sense IS the health instinct, encountered when there is a natural ripeness/ dissolving/ entropy to let go of all beliefs, beliefs being at root about the illusion of a separate sense of “self” or “I”.

Acknowledge humanity’s return to simple and natural health and so living at one with the earth and environment without striving, so without contention.

Symptoms of dis-ease manifest as regions of physical-energetic contraction/ high-tension. They are natural expressions of the limit of entrenched mental-emotional belief systems. Beliefs are always, at root, about an illusion of a separate “self”, seemingly  "broken" from wholeness. Healing is a ripening process - from separation (contracted-tension) to release from this illusion (relaxation/ opening). A practitioner or therapist can only simply acknowledge the symptom as a marker of “belief-limitation”, and point to the innate instinct of health which is beyond belief and judgment and so does not require a "striving". The sense of  relief this can bring, is in itself the dissolving of the contraction, or “self”. Relief is the end of dis-ease, a death of sorts and comes either as a wide open explosion, or slow dawning, a coming "home" to peace.

Health is about spontaneously sensing and instinctively responding to life. There is no theory to follow, no regime, and no doctor who can “fix” you, for there was never anything broken. Everything that is required is already present. There is no absolute reality in the idea of a "you" who can get "better" or "worse". In the end, all a doctor or therapist can do is to trigger natural sensitivity again, if it is ripe to do so.

Health Instinct: returning to our senses.