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My website for teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong is ready but I have yet to find a permanent location for my practice. Watch this space and I will launch it when I land! is the website of Tony Parsons, one of the very few human voices of nature. Tony's message is nothing like the world of Advita or self-enquiry. It is totally outside of the ideology of any kind of teacher or teaching. Because of this his words are very difficult to hear for most people (including myself!) and are miss interpreted or turned into "another one" of those "non-duality people".  For those people who really have the openness to hear something different and can understand why it is necessary to call out differentiation to recognise the message underneath the illusion, Tony offers just that. For most people, they are reasonably "comfortable" with the illusion and will just keep on practicing!

Recommended Colleagues

Natalie Mcgrorty:

Natalie is a brilliant connection for all women's health issues. She is deeply intuitive and a person that has real understanding of the difficult of female health issues and fertility. Please contact her here,  very highly recommended:

Daniel Schwager:

Daniel is a brilliant therapist and intuitive bodyworker in the London region. He incorporates a deep understanding of the psychotherapeutic within the physical connection in his work with people. This allows them to understand and be in touch with themselves more deeply. Please contact him here, very highly recommended:


Medical Oneness: The Way to Unite All Forms of Medicine

Tao Te Ching: “The Classic of - Naturalness and it's Innate-perfection” by Lao Tsu (“Old Man”)

Tao Te Ching: “The Classic of - Naturalness and it's Innate-perfection” by Lao Tsu (“Old Man”)


I wrote this book about 10 years ago during my study of medicine:

No matter what your involvement in the medicine/ healing professions, the issues we face are the same. Though we treat the same patients and deal with their same issues we cannot see ourselves in context of all of medical/ healing practice and so we desensitise from common senses. We box ourselves into a particular mode of treatment, becoming separated from each other, and often are drawn into a particular brand of healing, branding ourselves with this identity.

Medical Oneness is a very simple book which clarifies the true meaning of healing, unifying it in a language that is, in essence, universal to all ancient and modern traditions. By having a common language and rooting our approach in a base-generality or "Oneness", we can see how our own specialities or personal expressions of healing/ medicine fit into wholeness. As such, we can regard colleagues as fingers of the same hand and build sustainable ecosystems of healing. As Newtonian ways of understanding science die and we enter a new era, Medical Oneness offers direction to Unity from a fragmented understanding of health, for those who are interested now and for those in the future whose circumstances may make seeing this a necessity.

Available in Paperback and eBook:

Tao Te Ching: “The Classic of - Naturalness and it's Innate-perfection” by Lao Tsu (“Old Man”)

Tao Te Ching: “The Classic of - Naturalness and it's Innate-perfection” by Lao Tsu (“Old Man”)

Tao Te Ching: “The Classic of - Naturalness and it's Innate-perfection” by Lao Tsu (“Old Man”)


The Tao Te Ching is the key-stone work of Taoist understanding. It is the reinstatement of this work as the foundation to medicine and the foundation to life that is really key to all of the work associated with this website. The message of the Tao Te Ching is simply a deep understanding of the way of Nature and the understanding of this in contrast to the human condition of sufferance and separation, which although too is part of the same Oneness, believes it is not. Humanity is in great struggle and suffering based on the belief in "me" as the fundamental layer of causality, the Tao Te Ching simply exposes the myth of this and offers possible interest in something "mysterious" that can't be defined but is  that is in itself all of life. There is nothing given to "do" or task to perform, no list of things " to "get somewhere" the Tao Te Ching is really an offering of insight into the nature of things being totally at in-awe when nature is listened to and simply accepted , allowing instinctive life to be heard again and so the sounds and colours of the world coming back into focus after a long dark mist of madness.

This interpretation draws out the essence of Non-duality (Tao) which the text was originally about. Often this is lost within Confucian/dualistic interpretations of the text, thereby losing sight of the message coming from the heart of Nature: fundamental absence of legalistic, hierarchical, religious and moralistic ideology. This interpretation endeavours to serve as a remembrance of our infant days of the instinct of the Naturalness/ Oneness that is all of life. Unlike the dualism of modern scientific theory, non-judgmental clarity emanates from the realisation of Oneness, where object and subject can no longer be divided. Herein lies the possibility and openness in which the constant seeking ends.

Available in Paperback and eBook:

The Nature of Classical Chinese Medicine: The Foundational Context to Re-unite Myriad Styles

Tao Te Ching: “The Classic of - Naturalness and it's Innate-perfection” by Lao Tsu (“Old Man”)

The Nature of Classical Chinese Medicine: The Foundational Context to Re-unite Myriad Styles


I wrote these books about 10 years ago during my study of medicine:

This book (in two parts) was originally a project for myself as a student trying to decipher the world of numerous styles of Chinese medicine and longing for an instinctive connection of clarity with something that was expressed in the Tao Te Ching. I had no idea why the simplicity and Oneness expressed in the Tao was almost completely undermined by a very Confucian dualistic outlook that I found in the styles I sifted through. Everyone seemed to want a “piece of the action”, and this I found to be true of all of medicine in general. There didn't seem to be an interest in a unified language or way of understanding energetics that meant that no matter who you were or what your natural expression it was understood to be part of a whole. It seemed all about individual teachers and their egos, which it continues to be.

The result of over 10 years of research is in these 2 volumes which I offer simply as one persons investigations and discoveries concerning the process of tracing and clarifying the nature of Classical Chinese medicine to its roots. This process drew me to Japan and a connection to the very few practitioners left who are looking at a unified understanding of medicine that one could say is truly indigenous and therefore resonates with all indigenous medicine worldwide, something that is a distinct rarity.

This book is a sifted through and rendered down thesis and is very long but has much information which at the very least points towards people who are looking at unified understanding in energetics and at most offers a model which clarifies many anomalies in the current study and education of Classical Chinese medicine of whatever style (see example questions below). I am only as experienced as my experience and I don't offer anything beyond this, but I do ask questions that are difficult to answer and I investigate these questions to the ends of what was possible for me at the time.

While I am sure this book doesn't offer the whole picture of Classical Chinese medicine it attempts to provide a way of differentiation of what is useful and what isn’t along the student’s own investigations and suggest a way of broadening our horizons from the terminal illness of teacher-student relationship and male hierarchical control of common-sense, and the snobbery of scholarly prowess involved in “interpreting” medical literature. It is a movement towards being open and innocent about questioning and following an instinctive track when considering the nature of investigation of the Classical literature directly or in translation.

Available in Paperback and eBook:

Archive Articles 2011-14

These are block download archives of articles I wrote between 2011-14 (295 in all). Topics covered are a mix about Non-duality, Human energetics, Energetics of Relating, Energetics of "civilisation".   At the beginning of each download is a contents page in case you get lost!