Courses - Energy maps


I offer the following courses based on the techniques and studies I have learned. Just to be clear this information is non-intellectual, and I am by no means an academic or intellectual....the information presented are attempts to draw "maps" of the energetic world around us that our sense perceptions are now, mostly unable to connect to. This is because our senses have be dulled due to the nature of the human condition. What my studies have tried to do and tried to find are the routes to re-discovery or remembering our senses again. Once this is gleaned there is no more use for these "maps" and this work is rendered totally useless....I'm happy with that.....for now most people will be able to find something here that interests them to look further either for themselves or because of a desire to study to help others...

In each case the courses are run as and when people request them. If I have a larger number of students the course costs will go down. The costs stated below on each course are for an individual to do the program. Requests can be made for a group and or private tuition, please contact me for details here.

1. Jing Constitution

Jing Constitution: The 5-phase energetics of physical constitution, finding your personal way to instinctive eating. (total course time 8hrs in 4 modules) - £500

This course covers:

- the 5 phases and understanding your body type

- Chinese medicine constitution for health, and interactions with Ayurveda

- Pictures of combining the 5 phases and genetic types for comprehensive understanding

- Diet based on constitution as primary, diet based on dis-ease pattern as secondary

- Why fad diets don't work for everyone and for limited time, from raw vegan to keto etc.

- Look at the energetics of diet and health underpinning dietary ideas

- The basis of instinctive eating 

- Dealing with emotional patterns and nutrition

2. Shen Constitution

Shen Constitution: 9-Star energetics, uncovering the basis of personality and relationship instinctive response, creating community, business and relationship balance.

(total course time: 12hrs in 6 modules) - £750

This course demystifies some key energetic maps of Feng Shui, uncovering the energies affecting your core personality, how you create community, relate with others and find work that suits your style. 

Learn to paint clear pictures for your clients by investigating the 9-star energies of Xuan Kong Feng Shui, the 5 human phases, and the "3 relationship" energetics.

- The 9-star energies of Xuan Kong Feng Shui 

- 5 Human Phases

- combining 9-stars with 5-phases and looking at the "3 relationship" dynamics

- and an introduction to 4-Pillar energetics for more details to the 9-stars.

- Overview of "total" methods like Qi Men Dun Jia and I Ching.

3. Foundations of Ancient Chinese Energetics

Foundations of Ancient Chinese Energetics: A short course in understanding Pure-energetics between religious dogmatism and scientific theory. (2 hours) - £150

This course covers:

- Wu-Void

- Qi-Energy

- Yinyang

- 5-phases

- Overview of methods of returning to instinct: Shen methods, Jing methods, Total methods

(9-Star energetics, 4-Pillars, 5-phases, Qi Men Dun Jia, I Ching.)

4. Classical Chinese Medicine Principles

Classical Chinese Medicine Principles: A course to the instinctive energetics of the body in health and dis-ease. 

This course gives the background picture of the body energetics, it is mainly for people who want to understand their own body better and get a sense of how to listen and allow the instincts of self-healing. This can also be used as a base for training in Shiatsu, Acupuncture, moxibustion and herbal medicine. I focus on explaining the core principles of energy systems of the body, how dis-ease patterns occurs and how to respond and balance. (based on my text, book 2 of “The nature of Classical Chinese Medicine”) - 14 hours - in 7 modules  £850

5. The energetics of natural attraction-replusion:

The energetics of natural attraction-replusion: This course explores the energetic attraction-replusion expressed in relationships and sexuality, that occurs without the ideologies of beliefs, dogmas and ideals associated. We look at a natural picture of the energetic dynamics our instinctive nature without religious-spiritual beliefs and/ or scientific idealism. We explore the nature of anchoring (yin) and passion (yang) in relating and how there might be a way of being in acceptance of both. (3-4 hours) - £300

6. The energetics of Psychotropic medicine:

The energetics of Psychotropic medicine: The treatment of dis-ease and the problems of practice. This course looks into understanding the underlying energetic principles of a number of key psychotropic plants used since ancient times to resolve the key human psychological issues,  rooted in breaking patterns /addictions i.e. to "soften" personal identity; "me". We look at how each plant is part of a herbalism associated with the place it comes from and how using these plants have to have connection to the ancient knowledge of their energetics and understand from the indigenous people that know them.  We look at modern arrogance and colonialism and the infiltrating ideas that effect the field of energy associated with these plants. We also look at sustainability and a focus on localisation when it comes to the use of these plants, in touch with local ecology not importation. We look at finding a non-dogmatic and pure-energetic landscape from which to understand these medicines. (2-3hrs) - £200

7. The impossibility of the Known, the end of Seeking:

The impossibility of the Known, the end of Seeking: Tao, Taoism and Confucianism as a base for understanding dualism of whatever kind globally. The basic architecture of the "me" state and an introduction to the few speakers of the so-called “radical” rare non-dual message. (2 hours) - £100