Intrinsic Health Consultations

I combine Yin (physical  body constitution) and Yang (emotional, energetic and relational qualities) to give you the most comprehensive possible picture of how to re-ignite/ remember your own instinctive self-healing potential. 

Yin-Yang consultations are based on the energetic "maps" of Chinese medicine, Feng Shui and I Ching energetics.

Transformational consultations for anyone who is:

- struggling with chronic pain, illness or sensitivity

- feeling blocked in body, relationship, career or life as a whole

- noticing yourself stuck in repeating patterns

- longing to make a shift and feel more energy and vibrancy in your life

A Health Instinct consultation uses your body constitution and energetic make-up to:

- identify a recovery program that helps you self-heal

- suggest nutritional choices that will suit your system

- reflect your natural preferences and offer ways to nourish your emotional self

- help you listen and relax into your own health instinct and free you of dependence on doctors and therapists

- find your ideal career path or direction in life

- suggest and identify how you can optimise the energetics of the place you live

- help you make life decisions in accordance with your nature

- help you understand your relationships and diagnose problems and help untangle knots.

- help you see the key "game" you play in your life often embedded in the past and help you let go of it, so repeating patterns of sufferance start to drop away.

What to expect

I’ll start by asking you lots of questions. All your answers, together with the information you supply before the call, will give us a clear picture of your physical constitution and energetic make-up. 

With this information, we’ll map out where you’re at and discuss ways for you to feel better and re-connect to your own health instinct. 

I mainly work online via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom, but I can of course see you in person also dependant on your location. I currently live in South West Portugal.

Ahead of the consultation, I’ll ask you to send me:

- your blood group* 

- the date, time and location of your birth**

* Buy a blood group tester kit here if you don’t already know it. (Blood group is only a small part of a range of factors I use in identifying constitution.)

** If you don’t know time or location, birth date will do.

Any questions? Contact me....

Please don't hesitate to contact me about any questions you might have about having a consultation. 

"I cannot begin to express the incredible beauty that David has brought into my life........ He has been able to apply all the perfect keys to unlock my health and well-being on all levels of my existence. At the age of 58, I feel vibrant; holding a deeper and more accurate view of my personal reality than I have ever had before. What a genius and what a magical being to have happened across......" 

- Amma Frimpong-Ansah (26/10/19)

"I am extremely fussy when it comes to practitioners, with a keen scent for BS, so it’s a huge deal for me to say I place David in a bracket of a handful of people who are real, who really get it (or, rather, are aware of how little there is to get!).  Precisely to the incredible extent he hasn’t tried to change me, David has given me permission to change as I’ve relinquished my hopeless grasp on a false idea of myself and softened into my true nature. He has helped me put years on my life and save myself  from a mad world of hyper-masculinity. Thanks, D!" 

-Ben Lucas  (4/2/2020)