Back-to-Nature Project

Dear Friends,

This section of the website is the beginning of a new project.

The main difficulty with living in today’s society is that for many of us it doesn't feel natural on any level. Everything feels separate from us. Slowly an alternative culture has developed away from this but this in itself is fragmented by its own idealism and is rife with moralist/altruistic justifications for what ends up being very subjective, fear-based motivations for change.

There is however a growing number of people who are interested in moving towards a transition back to nature, for no other reason than that it feels “good” and it’s what they like. Transition culture is not something we can cherry-pick to our personal liking but is something that occurs through us, more like a free-fall into a way of being that “I” have no control over but yet feels deeply connecting and “right”. It isn’t something that can be manufactured but occurs when almost everything else has fallen away. This project originates from a dying away of the ideal of “individualism”, which is occurring through us all now.

The project expressed here is the beginning of a transition movement which has no leader or centre or ideology to be upheld, but is uncompromisingly focused in the observation and recognition of nature and natural processes as the followed direction. There is no "choice" invovled in this process, it simply that which instictively feels natural that is followed. This is not compartmentalized to any one aspect of life because that is not natural. As such for those involved “back-to-nature” it is the magnetic pull that is all-encompassing, involving the whole of human life from finding food and shelter to connecting to other humans, every nuance being left to nature’s way.

This page is a blog-like progression of events of how we have decided to find some land and create a natural-farming community and will illustrate how this community develops and changes. It is also an open invitation to those who would like to be within this at whatever stage, from here at its at pre-seed stage or at any point thereafter, as we follow this simple instinctive-intuitive response to our current lives.

Below are articles, books and materials which are essential in their entirety to illustrate the way we have been changed and opened-up to realize the true nature of ourselves behind the mask. I would suggest that you choose some of these to read in order to see whether you are really interested in what we are doing. Then, if you feel drawn to this, do contact me as I would very much like to hear your comments and would also be glad of your like-mind! Please contact me here

Through something unknown we meet in kinship.


Books/ Articles and other material for your interest:-

Nature’s Blueprint - part 1 (free downloadable pdf)

Nature’s Blueprint - part 2 (free downloadable pdf)

Nature's Blueprint - part 3 (free downloadable pdf)

Nature-led-farming - (free downloadable pdf)

Communities, cults and tribe - (free downloadable pdf)

These are five of my articles which represent the basic structure of a society that comes from the natural-perspective of the human. Whilst I am sure this is limited, it gives an overall expression of what echoes much of the ancient understanding of a universal energetic expression that gives clear blueprints for forming a society without a centre. These articles serve as an introductory remark for the works below.


The One Straw Revolution, Masanobu Fukuoka (book)

The Natural Way of Farming, Masanobu Fukuoka (book)

Sowing Seeds in the Desert, Masanobu Fukuoka (book)

Fukuoka is one of the greatest inspirations for this project. His work is the seeding of the inspiration and focus to form a farming community, not only because it is nature-centred, which means not human-ego-centred, but because the following of natural rhythms and the understanding of emptiness at the heart of everything is something which was central to Fukuoka’s sense and expression. His work is the evidence and clarity that when there is a following of natural processes then humans can once again form ecological-union with nature rather than fighting against it. Natural farming is far from being either organic or bio-dynamic agriculture, as is not based in a human-centred philosophy but a nature-centred philosophy which seeming subtlety makes it hugely different and infinitely more appreciative of the female-quality. It is a farming that is beyond any individual and so is not stylistic or “invented” by Fukuoka but is a triggering process to instinctive, intimate union with the earth.


Sex at Dawn: the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality, Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá. (book)

This book is vital in order for us to understand the true nature of community and the true nature of human behaviour. In one of the most ground-breaking and clearly presented expressions of anthropological research of our time, this book expresses the myth around the monogamous relationship and its interplay with factors of economic, scientific and bureaucratic contraction. The book is a beginning point to an opening to true communion with one another, an acceptance of nature within us and a rediscovery of freedom from the known ideals of relationship. This is a challenging book to read and to really deeply engage with, for its content can alter the perception of what is “right” and “wrong” and instead goes towards what is natural. As such it is vital for our community that while we do not have an answer as to how to reconcile the nature of relationships and our ingrained dis-ease of interaction we have formed in today’s world, it is important we engage deeply and uncompromisingly with the reality of what relationship really is and question if the next generations needs to be brought up in the same madness that we were.

Ishmael, Daniel Quinn (book)

This list contains only this work of fiction by the profound Daniel Quinn. While it could be said that story and poetry are a far more clear form of communication to represent the deep essence of how humans explain there predicament, often it comes laced with the poet’s/ story teller’s own ideology and biases. Quinn looks and describe the world from the view of an animal, but while the story is about a man “unlearning” his culture from a highly intellectually brilliant West African Gorilla, there is very little about this story that is about the typical humanization of animals we would expect. Instead what we find in Ishmael is one of the greatest stories ever told…. herein is a way to look at nature and animals that has long since been forgotten in our ancient past. Daniel Quinn’s book is a call for humans to look at themselves anew and to look into their fears and see the falseness of them. He is not an altruist but and observer of the great difference between the human world and the rest nature. It makes clear the points raised in the book “Sex at Dawn” and underlined by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr:

“Human beings will be happier - not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again.”

As the book unravels we hear echoes of U.G Krishnamutri (see below) and of Masanobu Fukuoka and numerous others who have pointed out the impossibility for the human mind to know nature. In such a book there is a realization that while the mind may forget nature, the heart always remembers. All that is important for the human is in our senses, and our returning to them as nature intends, to our deep instincts beyond the fear of separation, is our home - Eden.

Ishmael is part of Quinn’s series of books that explore the begins of the re-tribalization of human society as we move into a new age.


On having No head, Douglas Harding (book)

Harding was a genius of experimentation and investigation into the interior of the human condition. His experiments show the simple perception that neither “I” nor “you” have ever, not for one second, ever had a head in the way of our visual-field. The realization in our belief that we do have a head and are looking through it, is something we assume constantly and is not a true sensory reality. This is instantaneously clarifying and for some so shocking that it can trigger a chain reaction of the falling away of “who I think I am”. While these experiments are not a practice or method but simply a reality that we seldom realize, they do trigger something that cannot be explained in words, that “unknowing” or “no-thingness” is the very thing animating life through these bodies. Harding is a touchstone, a genuine and open investigation into the nature of reality.


Mind is a Myth, U.G Krishnamurti (book)

 It is absolutely impossible to define U.G Krishnamurti and his expression. U.G. is the clearest expression of the liberation from the entire process of seeking. The human being from a very early age is caught in a trap of seeking to be something other than what the natural biology of the body is. There is a whole process of attempts all the way through life of trying to “better” oneself and become something “other”, we go to “teachers” and do “practices” to try to become “more”. U.G’s main point is that “improvement” is not only impossible but it is also futile. It is an attempt to go beyond something that was never truly there. “Mind” or “self” is a nightmarish state we are within, a closed shell to the reality of life which lies constantly perfect and complete in the background of this illusion. U.G. “stumbled into” what he calls “the natural state” and points out that this did not happen through an intension or action on his part. He also points out that it is something that is a random occurrence and doesn't happen because of a directed process you need to go through or something you “attempt” but actually through a literal burning off of the energy to try to seek out the impossible. Once this burns out there is a “death” which occurs within life. Neither the burning off can be made faster or slower, nor can the death itself occur by any unnatural human intervention, it is a completely nature-led event. Death is the only peace. While U.G seems deeply harsh to many people’s ears his message is that of the reality of the universe and the reality of the human being. There is no attempt to disguise the reality of life by U.G. it is just given straight and so U.G. expresses something that is utterly rare, the truth. This is book, none of which was put together by U.G. himself, does not “help” but it does break down the ideas of who we believe ourselves to be and the reality of the natural state behind the ideals. U.G’s expression is the most important human expression ever made in my opinion.


As It Is, Tony Parsons (book)

Tony’s expression is not his own! In many ways it is a message that has always been expressed and not heard, it might be considered as being the sound of the wind itself or the voice of nature. This is not a deification of Tony as there really is no-one to deify here, but rather the realization and resonance of hearing the absolute truth when it is expressed. The essence of the message is simply in the title “As It Is”. Life is as it is and there is nothing much more to say, but this simplicity and absoluteness is missed so easily by the human and the attempt to grasp it is the seeking of a “self” which believes it is separate from everything. This “self” does not exist, and the basic hallucination of the human condition is that it does exist.

Whilst all the other materials above this and U.G's expression, however “close” they are to this, to some degree still a form of seeking for something, the whole idea of a back-to-nature project itself is definitely a seeking process of which we are well aware, yet Tony’s expression being that of nature itself is completely devoid of this and as such is absolutely in acceptance of everything as it is, there is no need to “do” or achieve. While this is the essence at the heart of Fukuoka’s “do nothing farming” it is still a doing, but we might call it a “doing less”. There is a process of letting go which the seeking and going towards nature is part of, and so we do not consider that the back-to-nature project is superior to any other project being done on the face of the planet, it’s just something that a group of people instinctively want to do. It is a seeking that deeply wishes to “die-off” and let-go into nature’s hands, and so while it isn’t better or worse than anything else it is a move to be closer constantly to that which is expressing Oneness in its every wake; the earth itself and the life that it forms without the need for “me”. As such while the message Tony expresses is inevitably unattainable it is based in Fukuoka’s fundamental realization that no action is of any value whatsoever and therefore the actions taken to build the community are not to promote value or to encourage enlightenment or advantage, but merely because they are what we like to do. Tony’s work, as with the rest of the expressions of natural reality all remain the very empty and ungraspable centre of the community’s realization.

The above are very useful, they go from the seeming exterior world of Fukuoka’s “green philosophy” to the seemingly inner world of U.G's/ Tony Parson's expression, but of course the realization through each is that there is no difference between the inner and outer, they are and always were One. These books and expressions herein will, if read and sensed at the ripe time, completely change your perspective. They unite in a single message and are key to the back-to-nature realization that falls upon the route we are taking.

Tao Te Ching - Chapter 80:
Reduce the size of the population of the state/country.
Though there are machines of war that have ten or a hundred times more energy than a single human, they are not needed.
The people will be reluctant to travel long distances without reason, for they have no requirement to.
Even if they have ships and carts, they will have no use for them, weapons and armour have no occasion to be worn.
One day people might return to the use of knotting strings and hand-weaving
They will relish in their food
And in the beauty of their simple clothes
And will be content in their simple abode
And happy in the simplicity of Natural existence.
Though neighbouring states/countries are within the sight of one another
And the sound of dogs barking and cocks crowing in one state/country can be heard in another
Yet the people of the one state/country might grow old and die without having
had any dealings with those of another.




27th August 2012:

Project Back-to-Nature begins!



7th September 2012:

"Buy land,....they're not making it anymore." - Mark Twain


25th September 2012:

So the project is underway and land is being sought after in various ways. In the meantime I was asked recently what the project would be called, and I had to really think about it…then someone else said “Funny Farm” and that was it…

So the Project title is now “The Funny Farm” and our slogan “We don't know.”

The point is that everyone seems to “know how it works”, every commune and every approach to “living together” seems to be based on a philosophy of human interaction, and about a human-centred idea of life…..but basically what has come to my mind via Masanobu Fukuoka’s clarity is that we really don't have a clue any longer how nature functions, we don't really know what going back to nature is all about. It is only from the warped and narrow perspective of “knowledge” that the yang of humanity believes it “knows”. It is only in this openness and realization that we really don't have a clue, that I think a truly natural society or community can develop.

Also what I feel more and more, and why this is going to be a land/ farm based project is that all the indigenous populations of the world have always been one-with the land, they know it through being part of it. This project is about merging with the local environment again, its not trying to get to a foreign land and take it over, but trying to re-connect to this land and to what grows in it and on it naturally, what it wants to or can grow easily. This therefore is a project that is land-focused, its not about people (yang) first is about the earth (yin) first. Why?... If we look at the diagrams drawn in the 3 articles above on this page, the expression of the centre of a human society is the yin-female expression. But even though this expression is the core of human society but it can very easily be corrupted and influenced by the warped processes of the world, so matri-focal can so easily slip into patriarchal/ matriarchal at the drop of a hat. However the centre of human society can be replaced (or the yin-female can gain her ground again) through realization that this metaphorical yin-female quality is the earth itself. The Earth is the centre of all our lives and it is the foundation, it is also the representation of all-of-nature, including the sky and stars and the entire natural-functioning universe that the human-being believes that he/she is broken away from.

Hence in making this project earth-focused, so it is a farm first and foremost and those who wish to engage with the project need too to be farm-focused, this means that it takes away the onus of it being about “living communally” it becomes more about the land healing the human through its constant open acceptance. It is the centre and so we revolve around it like satellites. We don't know how to live communally, how human sexuality actually works, how to live in coordination with the seasons and with the natural cycles, we have forgotten all of this, so the only way its seems to remember what it is like to be a child in Eden is to watch and allow Eden be revealed in fount of us. As we engage through interest with nature’s farming, this allows us to follow natural rhythm and allows it to re-inform our steps rather than us deciding what it is “I want to do”.

So we really “don't know”, this is honestly the case, and as a result even though I am sure there will be attempts to know and hopes to know, the roots of this project begin on not-knowing how it will begin, and which way it will turn, or even if it will form at all. With earth as the centre, there is always a mother-quality that will always be the magnetic pole of humanities existence and the foundation of everything it does, even if constantly miss understood its always yields and as a result is the representation of the yin-empty-still core and background of reality, that we constantly overlook.

It is a “funny farm”… why not begin with humor, I mean it is mad, but what isn’t! And why make this project so serious and important, it isn’t! Nothing really is.



27th September 2012:

The deep clarity of Masanobu Fukuoka keeps clear the meaning of "Health Instinct" and is the foundation of this new project, ....for you my friends :

Exerts from - “The One Straw Revolution”:

“It appears that, by applying the system of yin and yang, people can explain the origin of the universe and the transformations of nature. It may also seem that the harmony of the human body can be determined and consciously sustained. But if these doctrines are entered into too deeply (as is necessary in the study of Eastern medicine) one enters the domain of science and fails to make the essential escape from discriminating perception.
       Swept along by the subtleties of human knowledge without recognizing its limits, the practitioner of the diet of principle comes to concern himself only with separate objects. But when trying to grasp the meaning of nature with a wide and far-reaching vision, he fails to notice the small things happening at his feet.”

“Sickness comes when people draw apart from nature. The severity of the disease is directly proportional to the degree of separation. If a sick person returns to a healthy environment often the disease will disappear. When alienation from nature becomes extreme, the number of sick people increases. Then the desire to return to nature becomes stronger. But in seeking to return to nature, there is no clear understanding of what nature is, and so the attempt proves futile.
        Even if one lives a primitive life back in the mountains, he may still fail to grasp the true objective. If you try to do something, your efforts will never achieve the desired results.”

“Doctors take care of sick people; healthy people are cared for by nature.”

“Unless people become natural-people, there can neither be natural farming, nor natural food.”



7th December 2012 

So the search for land goes on.... This however is really based in a feeling....what temperature do people feel comfortable in to live and work outside? What kind of sensory experience of a place feals "right"?....its just like anything else, this is a relationship or beter ar re-union with the earth, and so with our roots. So we are looking in Italy, Spain and the Uk is also possible but only the warmer parts! Other places might be possible also so its all open at present. News of our findings will be posted here...but for now....these keep the project going:

Heading South © 2012 Brian Andreas

(thank you Natalie)


And.... the situation we are in today of looking towards Natural living is summed up by this brilliant Zen parable:

The Tigers and the Strawberry

There was a man walking across an open field, when suddenly a tiger appeared and began to give chase. The man began to run, but the tiger was closing in. As he approached a cliff at the edge of the field, the man grabbed a vine and jumped over the cliff. Holding on as tight as he could, he looked up and saw the hungry tiger prowling out of range ten feet above him. He looked down. In the gully below, there were two tigers also hungry and prowling. He had to wait it out. He looked up again and saw that two mice, one white, the other black, had come out of the bushes and had begun gnawing on the vine; his lifeline. As they chewed the vine thinner and thinner, he knew that he could break at any time. Then, he saw a single strawberry growing just an arms length away. Holding the vine with one hand, he reached out, picked the strawberry, and put it in his mouth. It was delicious.

 (thank you Andy and Brinja)



April 8th 2013


So I find myself in a quandary as to what to say about the project….while it all seems very clear and there is a chance that people may be interested to from such “radical” life change, if it all comes from the head and not from the senses then it is totally irrelevant. The nature of Health Instinct as a whole is about understanding instinctive health and being able to return to our senses, allowing the other stuff to slip away. What I write is from the head but it is a way to see how irrelevant the head is in relation to sense. I feel that I have been very much head driven and the next part of this project needs to be in the senses, to find a place that really works is not about finding it with intent but finding it without intent. It’s finding it not seeking it out…this is the hardest thing for me, but it's the only thing that makes sense. The next time I write a blog entry I hope will be when I have find something I can sense and report that back, when I find a land or a connection with people or group that makes sense to what I feel which will form the foundations of the Back-to-Nature project. I have to travel again to find this and I will see how far or close this need be to hit with something that feels right. Of course I realize that this project and the land I choose will not be right for everyone but the process of finding a home must be, for everyone decent, into the feet and not be controlled by the head.



February 16th 2014


It has been almost a year since I wrote here. It has been difficult to find direction with this project this year with the deaths of dear friends, Brinja and David, and that of my father, Victor. There is still a movement within me that is shared by all of them that keeps this direction going towards a different way of living, and so I continue. Recently I was able to see a documentary that helped me greatly called “Blood Brother” ( by Rocky Bratt a man who spends his life helping a group of children with HIV in India. What struck me was his instinctive response to wanting to protect and support these children who were not “his own” so to speak. This made me feel that the project needs to respond to the situations of the over-population of where ever it is to be founded. I feel that there needs to be a child-centered sense in that the children will be the future of the direction taken by the project but also that there are so many who have no home and no family. The importance of Rocky Bratts work is that I think he focuses very strongly in reigniting this sense of family in his community. This is vital, so forming a tribal community where children are brought up within it, and yet doesn't have the same damaging value system and fragmentation of modern cultural direction, is something that is key. I have also seen this kind of thing being explored in the community building up around Tony Deis’s “Trackers Earth” ( in Portland Oregon where children learn and form friends involved in a back-to-nature approach that is very inspiring. While the altruistic approach of “saving the world” or even “saving the children” is not really the point, there is an instinct here that responds to our current situation of over-population and the simple fact that there are children everywhere who need a family and community. Binti Jua, a female gorilla in Chicago Zoo responded to this instinct when she protected and helped a 3-year-old child who had fallen 18 feet into her enclosure. The response is not cognitive or imagined it is very real. I would like the project to have a sense of this and respond to this feeling wherever it is. The following is a poem that has helped me through hard times and also points out our eternal unity…

(Either “Anonymous” and found on the moon,
or by Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

God and I in space alone
and nobody else in view.
"And where are the people, O Lord," I said,
"the earth below and the sky o'er head
and the dead whom once I knew?"

"That was a dream," God smiled and said,
"A dream that seemed to be true.
There were no people, living or dead,
there was no earth, and no sky o'er head;
there was only Myself -- in you."

"Why do I feel no fear," I asked,
"meeting You here this way?
For I have sinned I know full well--
and is there heaven, and is there hell,
and is this the Judgment Day?"

"Nay, those were but dreams,"
the Great God said,
"Dreams that have ceased to be.
There are no such things as fear or sin;
there is no you -- you never have been--
there is nothing at all
but Me."

(Thank you Shellbee)


August 22nd 2014


Faith in our nature:

In Daniel Quinn’s key and vital series of books based on “Ishmael” a telepathic mountain gorilla who teaches humans about the truth of there profound separation from nature and potentially the way to engage with a route home, he leaves Julie, his 13 year old student a last message...

“You’re my message bearer Julie, and this is my message: Open the prison gates and the people will pour out. Build things people want and they’ll flock to them. And don’t flinch from looking with wide-eyes at things people show you they want. ….” (from "My Ishmael",  p.214)

By “open the prison gates” Ishmael means that it is through realization or perhaps a un-education process that un-does the idea of what society is and how it is constructed, people will realize that they don't need to live in the current state of cultural dysfunction. When people can see a real alternative then there is the possibility of change. An the second message is for those who wish to change things now which is basically “build it and they will come” (….obvious Ishmael watched “field of dreams” too!). The point is that to do this, to really build it, takes a great deal of faith….but what does this mean really…what is it that Ishmael/ Daniel Quinn want to see?

It seems to me that what it all comes down to and what Ishmael has in bucket loads is a faith not in human beings but in human nature, because he himself is that nature. He knows that people move on what truly feels right in the end, eventually any animal that is chained up long enough doesn’t know up from down any longer, but given the opportunity to feel something different can fire up the old pathways of instinct that are in our blood line. When we see possibility then we can change and we can move and things happen.

All those people who have made changes and go to whatever extent they can to do this for real are pioneers of this movement. They have at least some of the faith that others will come, the foresight that these changes are possible. Even though their methods and ideologies may not be completely aligned with nature, they are doing what they can see, they are making some kind of transition. This is the important step because it is only after 100s of generations have done this that we can re-connect with Eden once again. We are a line of energy.

Fundamentally Ishmael teaches us to follow our deepest instincts and drives, the animal that is within us, that we know that first and foremost we need tribe before we need food, shelter and warmth. The realization of these things is the greatest "marketing strategy" on the planet, if you give people what they really and truly want then you and they "win". In fact one can be absolutely sure of this, every time without fail, if the project meets actual human needs, it will always gain support even if it is slow to come. If you can tap into this instinctive basis then it will always draw people. If this ever stops then the human species is at an end. The difference between marketing a product and natural change is that marketing speaks to the human being and natural change speaks to the human nature.  For many thousands of years we have been trying to remember what we really and truly want. And knowing somehow it is so simple but forgetting what it is. We knew when we were young but we forgot again.

The faith is always in human nature, in the human animal not in the human being. The human being has dis-ease, but our innate nature has none. If there is faith in this, if there is feeling of this, and if we can make moves base on this, then always there will be a response in the end from others who resonate. I know this is true because in resent times I have begun to hear that people want to connect to this project and have the faith in human nature to actually move it forward. It is because of the sense they have felt themselves, not because of my words that they move towards change, and this project then takes shape not as a personal manifesto, but as something that many people can see in themselves. This was my hope and dream. I will always be grateful to Shellbee, Alice, Rachel, Yolanda and Dean and all those people who have shown me in resent times and in the past this possibility of faith enough to engage in change….this inspires me and warms my heart. I find that it is very often I have felt alone, now this is changing. Thank you.